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Level 52!

Zweet Bloodeye, Feb 14, 11 11:29 AM.

LEVEL 52! Next stop,


ship @ 55!

Level 40! WooHoo!!!

Zweet Bloodeye, Jan 16, 11 8:40 AM.
Level 40! WooHoo!!!

Our Guild

Harmoniee, Jan 9, 11 4:38 PM.
    Ask not what your guild can do for you, nor what you can do for you guild. Ask only what you and your guild can achieve together.
    I am so pleased with how we are growing, almost as if we were a single entity. You are all making this guild what it is. I created Demon Shield to find a great group of people who are selfless, helpful, fun, friendly and loyal to one another. I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are one of the stronger guilds in the game. We may not be the highest level, but there are very few guilds that have the spark/dynamic and kinship that we have.
    I would like to address an issue that some may have with one of our main policy's -> toon loyalty. Once a member has joined our guild, we would like full loyalty. This means bringing all of ones' toons into the guild. Why you ask? Should that not be a choice for the member to make? Well, yes & no and here's why:
    Guild - noun "an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., esp. one formed for mutual aid or protection."
    A guild is supposed to be a family/team. If you bring in one toon and earn renown and whatnot, that is helping the guild. If you have more than one toon in a different guild(s) this is not productive. It is impossible to be 100% loyal to a guild while attempting to belong to one or more. The definition should sum it up well. If you enjoy being a part of Demon Shield, why would bringing your other toons into our family be an issue? If you like another guild that you are currently in with another toon and also have a toon in this guild, you must make a choice. Consider the foundations of each guild, it's members and relationships. You may say, "Well, it's just a game. I should be able to have many organizations." It IS a game, but the guild and the friendships made however, are not. I for one, am not only here for the game. I am here to make friends and be social while indulging in a common interest that many people share. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, feel free to mail me. Or start a forum thread :).

That Pesky Dragon

Harmoniee, Dec 29, 10 10:02 PM.
We shall have our revenge! In about three days *lol*. I say we give Vault of Night another go as soon as we can. There's loot to be had! All-in-all, not a bad learning experience. Thank you all for your patience during the run!
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